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Calgary Psychotherapy & Counselling

Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Elliott is a private psychologist and psychotherapist in central Calgary near Kensington with over 20 years experience helping people with emotional and mental health difficulties, involving stress reactions, anxiety, depression, and other painful experiences.



Stress, Anxiety, Tension

Worry, Obsessing, Irritability

Anger Problems, Nausea, Confusion

Panic, Helplessness, PTSD

Social Anxiety, Distrust, Avoidance

Self-harm, Dysregulated

Traumatic Stress, Dissociation



Ambivalent, Indifferent, Doubt

Criticism, Guilt, Shame

Hopeless, Worthless, Addiction

Numb, Depressed, Burnout

Disengaged, Submissive

Controlling, Venting, Defiant

Detached, Walled Off


Are you experiencing some of these difficulties ?

I specialize in therapy for people tangled up in difficulties like these. Most of these things operate on a completely automatic basis and they can vary in intensity, duration, and complexity. They can operate outside of a person’s awareness even while taking over the individual’s emotional life and contributing to unhealthy coping responses. Importantly, they can interfere with our healthy emotional responses to the world and ourselves that are necessary for understanding our circumstances, making choices, and taking relevant action to address our needs. Unaddressed, these problems can eventually undermine our emotional and physical health, autonomy, relationship quality, coping efforts, and our overall potential

Emphasizing Compassion

Your decision to begin therapy is an important step toward living the life you want

Dr. Elliott’s therapy approach emphasizes compassion and genuine efforts to connect with the person tangled up in these difficulties in order to clearly distinguish the person from their problems. Immediate efforts are made to mobilize a working partnership aimed at understanding the person and getting to the emotional bottom of the individual’s particular difficulties. Constant encouragement is offered for the highest levels of self-regard and engagement during the challenging work required to free up the person for meaningful and lasting change.



609 - 14th Street NW, Suite 507

Calgary, AB, T2N 2A1

Tel: (403) 521-0006

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